Pubg Upcoming Latest Updates For Pc And Mobile 2019


Pubg Upcoming Latest Updates For Pc And Mobile 2019

Pubg Upcoming Latest Updates For Pc And Mobile 2019 Included M762 programmed rifle, which can be found on all maps. It is the primary 7.62mm programmed rifle that suits stocks. It has 3 discharging modes: single shot, triple shot, full-auto. - Added Scooter to Sanhok. This vehicle suits up to 2 players. - Added dynamic climate to Sanhok. 

Presently the climate changes between radiant, rain and foggy at arbitrary.
 - Added Hardcore Mode, where stride sounds and sound signs are evacuated to look like the PC encounter.

This mode will be accessible intermittently as "No-nonsense Week". Royale Pass Season 4 - Added more gun completes, uncommon outfit rewards, new character countenances and hairdos.

 Additionally added 600 UC to Elite Pass rewards for players to buy next season's Pass. - Fine-tuned the reclamation highlight so Elite Pass holders can buy limited things with BP or RP focuses. 

 Added Mission Cards for players to finish harder missions. - Added a Black Friday occasion where limited backs are significantly less expensive for 3 days. 

 Added a framework where the chances of getting certain box things are expanded significantly for a restricted measure of time. Stay tuned for more data. 

 Different Improvements - Matchmaking and Chat currently bolsters not picking a second dialect. - Optimized the Chat framework to take up less RAM and keep more messages. - Tuned the first page of the shop to accentuate weapon complete sub this new features of pubg may be release in 2019 which are for mobile and pc.

Pubg Upcoming Snow Map

Pubg Upcoming Latest Updates For  Pc And Mobile 2019 An ongoing datamine has uncovered stacks of detail on the new PUBG outline, a name, conceivable vehicles, and key structures. The new snow delineate 8x8km in size and is an uneven island shrouded in snow called Dihor Otok. This data was found in an immense data mine, which likewise delivered surfaces and models for structures that would show up over the guide, similar to a dino stop, rocket, different manors, and a lot of Brick Gothic town houses. All the more vitally, the data mine likewise contains a picture of the guide, which you can look at beneath. 

It additionally appears as though we'll have a couple of new toys to play with on the new PUBG outline: and two new vehicles. The C4 will make for some unbelievably underhanded plays in the new setting, while a Beetle and Z130 flatbed truck were likewise seen in the documents, implying that ideally we will have the capacity to crash around cold Dihor Otok in a lorry. 

Dihor Otok has additionally been reproduced utilizing in-amusement records from a different datamine. Redditor all the news isgoodnews has posted a 3D flyover of the PUBG new guide that you can watch underneath. It would seem that the problem areas on this guide will be Cosmodrome, Castle, Cement Factory, and Frozen Lake.

Pubg Snow Map Release Date

In the pubg upcoming updates for 2019 snow map will also release in those updates and it may be release in 2 to 3 months snow map releasing with some new weapons and vehicles stay tunned.

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