Top 10 Best Telenor Internet Packages |daily| weekly| monthly| Free

Top 10 Best Telenor Internet Packages |daily| weekly| monthly| Free

Top 10 Best Telenor Internet Packages |daily| weekly| monthly| Free
Top 10 Best Telenor Internet Packages |daily| weekly| monthly| Free

Telenor is the most popular network of Pakistan and now also available in most of the other counties of the world. More than 75% of Pakistani peoples are known using the Telenor network and they are also satisfied with this network. The most trending 4G speed of Telenor is very famous in public.
The extremely fast speed of this network has inspired the people of the whole world. The main reason for the popularity and trend of the Telenor network in Pakistan is its extreme fast 4G speed. Young youth is enjoying this super-fast network. The second reason for Telenor popularity is its cheap and reliable packages.
 The internet packages of Telenor are very customer friendly. The weekly and monthly packages of Telenor are very unique and extraordinary. The local networks of Pakistan never give such kind of offers as given by Telenor.
 This is the reason for the unusual popularity of Telenor in public. Moreover, the speed of Telenor internet is unique from the other bigger networks of the whole world. Its extraordinary speed is attracting the people towards itself.

 Telenor internet service is available in following countries:

*The Telenor own networks are available in 13 countries of the planet and it’s headquarter is present in barium which is near Oslo. It is one of the largest mobile phone network company in the world. The world also trusts it just because it is a unique company that gives handsome packages to the people of the whole world and gives them reliable deals. The total assets of Telenor give them more than 193.755 billion of income yearly. These records also show the power and impact of Telenor in the public. Moreover, the operators of the Telenor are present in more than 29 different countries of the world. The roaming of the Telenor network is also available in almost every part of the world. These things make us clear that the network of Telenor is widely spread all over the universe.

Why is Telenor popular in public?

There are a lot of reasons that make the Telenor network popular and very famous in public some of them are their customer-friendly behavior and customer friendly internet charges. The team of Telenor has also built the Telenor bank to serve the people all around the world. Now people can send and receive money in all parts of their country as well as in foreign countries. These services of Telenor convene the people to enjoy their pure service.

The daily internet package, weekly internet package and monthly internet packages of Telenor are very cheap and easily affordable. This is the main reason for people showing more interest in Telenor internet network as compare to any other internet network of the modern era. The social media packages of Telenor are not a little costly. Everyone can effort them easily

Telenor Free WhatsApp, Facebook and twitter:

                                                                                    If you are one of those who use Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter in Pakistan so there is one great good news for you Telenor gives free network for these social media tools. If you are running out of budget and you are also looking to use these top trending social media tools. The Telenor is the best network for.  For the subscription of this cool offer press:

After pressing these digits on your mobile phone you will be able to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and twitter for free. Telenor gives you 2 GB internet for one week. There is no tension for you to use these social media tools by paying Telenor. You can also use them for free. These free services attract the people toward this network. The free services of Telenor increase its fame in public.

Many people ask this question: what is the average internet speed of Telenor internet network?

The average internet speed of Telenor is 15 mbs per second. This is the speed of the 4G network. The speed of the internet depends upon your area where you are living and the signal strength found there. However, the speed differs in different parts of the world or even in different parts of your own country. The internet speed does not remain constant all the time. It changes continuously. The global speed tester Okla has declared the Telenor network as one of the fastest internet network of the world. The following are the top 10 best internet packages of the internet given by Telenor. These packages are based on one day (daily).

Top 5 Telenor Daily internet packages:

1) Daily Internet Package
Many people want to connect with others for an urgent basis for this purpose they can subscribe to the daily internet package. Telenor gives terminus daily internet packages offers. I will mention the top 5 of them below:

It is a 4G daily bundle and if you want to subscribe to this bundle you have to press the above code. The validity of this offer is one day from the time of subscription to 24 upcoming hours. The price of this bundle is only 14.28 Pakistan currency rupees.
And the data offered is 50 MBs.

2) Daily Internet Package

This is one of the most amazing offers by Telenor. The price of this daily internet bundle is only 18pkr. And the company offers you 1.5 GB of internet for one day. This is also a gorgeous and glorious offer by the Telenor Company.

3) Daily Internet Bundle

If you are looking to use the internet for some hours the Telenor gives you this offer to enjoy the internet for one hour. This is a one hour package in only 10pkr. This is one of the most trending and mostly used bundle of internet.

4) Daily Internet Bundle

This is an eye-catching and humongous three days offer by Telenor. The price of this dial internet bundle s only 54pkr. 500 MBs are offered for this bundle of internet.

5) Daily Internet Offer

This is the second internet bundle for three days. It is available just in 49pkr. The MBs offered for this internet bundle is 200.

So these were the best daily internet bundles offered by Telenor. Know I will give you the top5 best weekly offers by Telenor. These are mostly used and subscribed offers.

Top 5  Telenor Weekly internet packages:

1) Weekly Internet Package

The price of this bundle is only 190pkr. It is one of the used weekly internet bundle in Pakistan. The reason for its popularity is its cheap price and enormous data.

2) Weekly Internet Package

The highly remarkable price of this internet bundle is only 120pkr. If you want to use this package you have to press the above code from your mobile phone.

3) Weekly Internet Bundle

This is the weekly bundle in only 101 pkr. This internet offer allows you to use the internet for full week nonstop. The thing that makes this offer more interesting is its unending data at extremely low prices.

4) Weekly Internet Bundle

This is also one of the most widely used interne package offered by Telenor. The people are enjoying this amazing internet offer. The price of this bundle is only 120pkr.

5) Weekly Internet Offer

The price of this weekly internet bundle is only 170pkr. Moreover, the speed of the internet makes this offer more interesting and enjoyable.

These were the best weekly offers which were offered by Telenor. The above list contains only the unique internet offers.

Top 5 Telenor Monthly Internet Packages:

1) Monthly Internet Package

It is a very valuable Facebook and WhatsApp monthly offer. The price of this internet offer in just 38pkr. It is a very low price for such a unique bundle. The data offered is 300mbs for Facebook and 300mbs for WhatsApp.

2) Monthly Internet Package

It is the monthly 4G bundle. The price of this monthly internet offer is 200pkr. By subscribing to this internet bundle you can enjoy the internet for the whole month with the extreme fast 4G speed of Telenor.

3) Monthly Internet Bundle

It is one of the most reliable monthly internet that is ever offered by Telenor. The price of this package is 597pkr. You can stream YouTube videos which is packed in an extra fast 4G speed of Telenor.

4) Monthly Internet Bundle

The price of this very popular package is 300pkr. Click the above-given code to subscribe to the offer.

5) Monthly Internet Offer

The price of this trending internet bundle is only 418pkr. Most people need the internet all the time for many consults so this package is best for their use.

These were the best offers which I have collected one by one.

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