Top 10 Largest International Airports Of Pakistan

Top 10 Largest International Airports Of Pakistan 

Top 10 largest international airports of  Pakistan also good ranking in the world According to oxford dictionary airport is defined as; A complex of runways and buildings for the take off, landing and maintenance of civil aircraft with facilities for passengers. In other words airport is also called heliport or airdrome.

Top 10 Largest International Airports Of Pakistan


airport or air drome plays a vital role in economic stability of a country. 


Pakistan airport ranking in the world there are two types of airports. 


An airport which don't have border control or immigration. It is only used domestically for country travelers. It can't be used internationally.


International airport is a type of airports having immigration, customs check and border control. It is used for both domestic and international flights. 

Pakistan also having both national and international airports.The top ten international airports of Pakistan are;


Jinnah international airport is situated at the capital of province sindh Karachi City (also known as the city of lights). This air port is named after "Father of the nation" Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan. This airport has 20 air lines and thirty-six different destinations domestically and internationally. It is the largest and busiest airport of Pakistan. All Pakistani and other airlines use it as their main hub. 


One of the largest international airport of Pakistan This airport was opened on 1 may 2018 and was inaugurated by X prime minister of Pakistan mr:Shahid Khahqan Abbassi. It is situated in Fateh Jhang and operated by Pakistan civil aviation Authority (PCAA). It is the main international airport of Pakistan .It has seventeen airlines and thirty one destinations. It is constructed and infrastructed on international quality. Passengers choose to take their flights off from this airport . Because this airport serves comparatively better than other airports of the country. In terms of passengers capacity this airport is capable of serving nine million passengers.


Benazir Bhutto international airport is situated in chaklala Rawalpindi it was opened in 1930. It was renamed after the late Pakistani prime minister Benazair Bhutto in June 2008 after her martyrdom. It is the first and the foremost international airport of Pakistan. Until 3 may 2018 it was the second largest airport by traffic then it was replaced by another new international level airport known as Islamabad International airport. This airport is no more available for civil aviation. Now it is the part of adjoining PAF Base Noor Khan also known as PAF Base Chaklala.


This airport is originally known by Lahor international airport. It was renamed after the poet of the east and dreamer of Pakistan Allama Muhammad iqbal. It is located in the capital of Punjab. It is the third largest civil airport by traffic. This airport serves travelers from Punjab and also from other provinces of Pakistan. It has seventeen airlines and thirty one destinations. It has three terminals;

I) Allama Iqbal terminal

II) Hajj terminal

III) Cargo terminal 


Top 10 Largest Famous International Airports Of Pakistan Previously this airport was known by Peshawar international airport. Laterally this was renamed after a Pakhtoon nationalist leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan also known as Bacha Khan on 12 Jan 2012. This airport is located at
Peshawar city ,the capital of Khyber pakhtunkhwa. It is the fourth busiest airport of Pakistan. It is used for both military and civil purposes. There is an unusual feature in it which is; one end of the runway is crossed by railway track. Which is seldomly used by Khyber train safari to Landi Kotal in Khyber pass. It is used for both domestic and international flights. This airport has ten airlines and seventeen different destinations. Further modification in its infrastructure was don from 2016 to 2018.


This airport is situated in Sambrial Sialkot (fourteen KM west of sialkot) in the Sialkot District. It is the first privately owned international airport. It had the longest runway before the completion of Islamabad international airport. It is a Hub for air sial. Approximately ten lack travelers from Sialkot and adjacent areas having advantage of this airport. 


This airport is also include top 10 largest international airports of Pakistan
list situated in skardu. That's why it is named Gilgit international airport. This airport has four airlines and eight nonstop destinations. It has only one run way. Gilgit international airport is one of the beautiful  airport of the country. 


Quetta international airport is situated at Quetta the capital city of the province Baluchistan. It has three aircrafts to eight nonstop destinations domestically and internationally. However, it is one of the smaller airport in Pakistan. 


Top 10 Largest International Airports Of Pakistan FaisalAbad international airport is situated at the city of Faisal Abad. So it is named after this city. It has two airlines and one non stop destination. It has only one runway which is the longest runway. FaisalAbad international airport is also from the smaller airports of the country. 


Sukkar international airport is situated at the city of Mirpur Khas. This airport has 1 runway two airlines and five nonstop distinations . Sukkar international airport is also from the smaller airports of the country that's why it is placed down the table.
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