Earn Money Online In Pakistan | Best Ways | Beginner Guide

Earn Money Online In Pakistan | Best Ways | Beginner Guide

This is beginner guide for those people who wanna earn money online in Pakistan with best ways. Now days Pakistani economy unpredictable means we don’t know where they go upward or downward and the unemployment level is too high, so that’s why here we come with best ways for making money online in Pakistan.

From recent few years earning online money become very popular in pakistan and now it is primary income source of many individuals.

There are many individuals which earning online money in pakistan and making decent money within lesser hours and main thing is that working from home without any boss tension.

Freelancing is very different from other regular jobs means that online job you can do without any restrictions or age limitations and all gender are allow to do their job without any force.

Making money online in Pakistan anyone can start but it need some skills and knowledge that how technology works in the present.

What You Need Before You Start Online Work

  • Some certain skills required for making online money.
  • You need computer and internet for online work.
  • Must be consistent and work with daily basis.
  • You must know about basic English for communicating something because if you have good skills about English then you have plus point.
  • Be patience because earning online is very easy but sometime earning decent amount of money is very challenging.

Earn Money Online In Pakistan With Best Ways

There are some best ways for online earning in Pakistan check below:

1. Blogging


Blogging is a platform where you start online earning in pakistan at home. Basically blogging mean where you start to publish your articles and sharing your knowledge to others. One thing is very important in blogging write on those topics where you passionate.

Writing on blogs one of the best way for online earning in pakistan and you can earn decent amount of money. You can easily create your website on Google Blogspot freely sign up here.

Here i personally suggest you to buy custom domain and hosting you can buy from Bluehost with cheap rates sign up here. Buy your domain and hosting and create your own blog.

How To Make Money From Your Blog?

There are two ways which you can use for your website.

  • Advertisement (Adsense, Infolinks, Media.Net etc)
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Daraz)
Some Tips For Blogging
  • You must passionate about it.
  • Basic English need for good communication skills.
  • Work on specific topic that you like or know about it.

This is best way to earn money online in Pakistan.

2. Freelancing


Freelancing is also one of the way for online earning where a lot of people earning from all over the world. It is the best opportunity for every Pakistani because everyone can easily register his/her self just need email id.

After registration you can create different gigs according to your skills suppose Graphic Designing, Content Writing, App Developers and many more can do job as a freelancer.

There are different platforms for freelancing:

  • Fiver
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

3. Youtube


Now days a lot of people earning from YouTube and you can easily create your own channel freely. YouTube is also your best teacher because you can watch different videos in YouTube for new skills building.

YouTube is online earning website in pakistan where you can create your own channel and start uploading videos. Here content matters because when you start quality videos uploading then people will start liking your content and you will get millions of views. Views is very important because through views you can earn money.

How To Monetize YouTube Channel?

Monetization is very important for YouTube channel when you monetize your channel then you can start earning.

How we apply for monetization?

Now days YouTube rules changed when you completed 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours then you can apply for monetization.

Some Tips For Your YouTube Channel
  • Make your content original mean that don’t copy other people videos.
  • Consistency is very important be regular.
  • Share your channel link on social platforms that can help you to grow your channel.
  • Communicating to audience reply their comments.

4. Content Writing

Content Writing

Earn money online in Pakistan through content writing. Content is very important for blogs because without any content your blog is nothing mean that content is the king.

If you have good knowledge about English language then you can easily write articles and earn money online. There are many websites owner which are always looking for good content writers and they pay for it.\

There are some platforms which are available for content writers:

  • Upwork
  • iWriter
  • Guru
  • FlexJobs
  • Facebook (Through Facebook you can join different groups of content writers and post your skills there)

5. E-commerce


Basically E-commerce is website which you create for products selling and it need some money. If you wanna invest your money so it is best way to earn money online in pakistan.

There are many platforms which providing products for e-commerce websites like Daraz which allow you to become a vendor. The more products you sell so the more money you can earn from it.

6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Make money online in Pakistan with affiliate marketing. Once you created your own website, so you can use both option means that Affiliate Marketing and Adsense you can earn online money from both.

There are many sites which provides affiliate partnership like Daraz and Amazon where you register your self in affiliate program then you can easily add affiliate links in your website whenever through that link when someone buy product then you can get specific commission.

You can earn good money through affiliate marketing while you sleeping.

There are some platforms which providing affiliate program:

  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • Daraz

7. Data Entry

Data Entry

Online data entry job is also one of the best online job which need some skills about computer and some basic English. Data entry job is all about typing and it take a lot of your time. Basically in data entry jobs data provided to you in raw form which you type again for correcting mistakes and checking the format of articles.

It is one of the top listed job because mostly in online jobs data entry jobs available there. It Is best way to earn money online in pakistan by typing.

There are some platforms that offers data entry jobs:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Elance

8. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Earn money online in Pakistan through digital marketing. Basically digital marketing is all about advertisement where you start selling products through advertisement and promotion in different digital platforms like social media and many other platforms.

Now question is that how to earn money through digital marketing?

Here my answer is sample digital marketing is not much hard but it take sometime for earning decent amount of money and digital marketing is very common in Pakistan.

There are some important tips which you need for digital marketing:

  • Most important thing approach some top brands and convince them for providing products. if they agree then you can advertise their products on social platforms and you can easily earn money from it.
  • For digital marketing relevant skills required.
  • Must know about social platforms that how we run ads.

9. Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys

Make money online in Pakistan through paid surveys and it is another easy way for online earning. Basically online surveys do not take a lot of your time and it is very easy don’t need any kind of skills.

Generally it is related to your opinions about products or services of different companies which you can fill according to your opinion and some surveys are related to academic research.

There are many companies which are looking for people to complete their product surveys.

  • SwagBucks
  • Toluna
  • Onepoll
  • Life Points

10. Photography


Earn money through photography many people are earning from photography. You guys just need good it may Mobile Camera or DSLR Camera both you can use for good photography.

Now the question is that how to earn money online in pakistan?

You can also earn money online in Pakistan through online photography there are many sites which offering you to sell your photos online but here also skills required for good and creative photography.

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Earn Money Online In Pakistan FAQ

How to earn money online in pakistan at home?

My answer is simple there are a lot of ways for online earning in pakistan which are YouTube, Blogging, Freelancing, Graphics Designing, Affiliate Marketing and many more.

What is best way to earn money online?

There are many platforms which offer different online jobs like Fiver, Upwork, Freelancer according to your skills you can work there.

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