Pakistan Visa Free Countries List 2020

Pakistan Visa Free Countries List 2020

Pakistani passport was ranked in the lowest in 2016 but after some it slightly improved in 2017 and you can still visit 43 beautiful countries. Today we providing the updated Pakistan Visa Free Countries List 2020 Read this article till to end because we sharing that countries where you stay without any Pakistani passport and how much long you can stay there.

Visa is not required for these 43 countries according to pakistani passport visa free countries 2020 list you must fulfill some other requirements such as return ticket, money and hotel booking which make your visit more enjoyable.

1.Hati3 Months
2.Micronesia1 Month
3.Saint Vincent and The Grenadines1 Month
4.Dominica6 Months
5.Vanuatu1 Month
6.Trinidad and Tobago3 Months

The above list of 6 countries which no require any visa you can go there just through your passport they need only stamped passport for the country entry simply means you don’t need any visa for the visiting to these countries.

Pakistan Visa Free Countries List 2020

List Of Countries Who Issue The Visa On Arrival

Here we providing the list of visa on arrival means that when you reach to airport so you will get the form from airport officials then you fill that form on the spot and you will the visa of that specific country and make sure you must have passport size picture because without photos they can’t issue visa.

Normally the fees of visa for Pakistani citizens is 50$ and here is the Pakistan Visa Free Countries List 2020 Check.

7.Cambodia30 Days
8.Comoros45 Days
9.Kenya90 Days
10.Benin1 Week
11.Cape Verde1 Month
12.Maldives1 Month
13.Nepal1 Month
14.Rwanda1 Month
15.Somalia1 Month
16.Togo1 Week
17.Uganda1 Month
18.Trinidad3 Months
19.Tanzania1 Month
20.Tuvalu1 Month
21.Timor Leste1 Month
22.Samoa3 Months
23.Rwanda1 Month
24.Palau1 Month
25.Seychelies3 Months
26.Mozambique1 Month
27.Madagascar3 Months
28.Guinea Bissau3 Months

E-Visa For Pakistani Citizens Through Internet

Pakistan passport visa free countries are here but here is process different because they providing visa through E service means that you can get your visa through the internet and this process is very easy from the other visa service but they need letter for the country entering and here is the Pakistan visa free countries list 2020.

29.Myanmar1 Month
30.Malaysia1 Month
31.Bahrain1 Month
32.Gabon3 Months
33.Rwanda3 Months
34.Lesotho3 Months
35.Zimbabwe1 Month
36.Azerbaijan1 Month
37.Benin3 Months
38.Uganda1 Month
39.Sri Lanka1 Month
40.Tajikistan1 Month
41.Kyrgyzstan1 Month
42.Zambia1 Month

The above list of Pakistan passport visa free countries officially the government providing e-Visa service through the website and it save your time and money. Obtain your visa within few days then print the E-visa and visit to that specific country.

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