Pakistani Top Dramas List For 2019-18

Pakistani Top Dramas List For 2019-18

Pakistani Top Dramas List For 2019-18 about mid of year and we have now good trending list of best Pakistani dramas 2019 till now. Pakistani All private channels try to give their very best dramas to audience. Day by day Pakistani all dramas channel getting lot of popularity all over the world where Urdu can understand easily in all over world. Tv industry boost lot of Pakistani entertainment industry from last decade due to good stories.

Pakistani Top Dramas List 2018 Realistic stories based dramas attract audience to watch and discuss with your family and friends. We here short listed the top 7 best dramas list in 2019-18 so far. All Pakistani dramas are based on reality which give good message to all people.

Top Pakistani Dramas List Hum Tv And Ary

1) Khasara Ary Tv

Khasara Ary Tv

Khasara drama serial Pakistani top dramas list 2018-19 is based on flirty husband who is already married with a rich girl and now running all her business. But the flirty husband Mikaal Zulfiqar flirts with his personal secretory. His wife caught them both and fire her from job.

Mikaal Zulfiqar have a friend Junaid Khan who’s wife also beautiful and they visit to come Mikaal house in Karachi. Junaid Khan are not rich so and work in Pakistan Railways. Sonia Mishal who also beautiful in beauty and Mikaal impress with mishal and start flirting with her too. Story of the Khasara Drama is interesting based on real life just watch and enjoy.

2) O Rungreza By Hum Tv

 O Rungreza By Hum Tv

O Rungreza by Saji Gul and directed by Kashif Nisar, this Sajal Aly, Bilal Abbas and Irsa Ghazal-starrer has been the top favourite of the year. It raked in high ratings and Sajal and Bilal have been absolutely phenomenal in it.

O Rungreza Drama famous part is its ground breaking heroine part. It breaks the mould of the standard, weepy damsel who revels in her victimhood and expects a man to be her knight in shining armour.

One of the many reasons why O Rungreza is a game-changer is because of how Sassi (Sajal) is seen as strong and flawed in view of the male hypocrisy. Saji Gul has beautifully captivated the essence of a strong woman and has also shown, through various characters, the problems with toxic masculinity and submissive feminineness. o rungreza title song is also famous which sing by sajjal.

3) Baaghi Urdu1

Baaghi Urdu1

Baaghi Written by Shazia Khan and Umera Ahmed and directed by Farooq Rind, Baaghi stars Saba Qamar as the late social media starlet Qandeel Baloch. Saba’s powerful acting and empathic portrayal as “Kanwal” Baloch made Baaghi an instant hit as well as an important drama of the year.

It was very brave of Saba to take on this role and bring the attention of the regular misogynist audience towards the actual plight of someone like Qandeel, a middle class girl working towards social mobility via the entertainment feild. The play also stars Osman Khalid Butt, Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat, Khalid Malik and Saba Faisal in key roles.

4) Ghairat Ary Digital

Ghairat Ary Digital

Ghairat ARY Digital by Edison Idrees Masih and directed by Ahmed Bhatti, Ghairat is the story of what happens when the men of the family are obsessed with ‘honour’ and use it to manipulate the women of the family. It also explores many other important themes such as internalised misogyny and economic independence.

Starring Iqra Aziz, Syed Jibran, Fazeela Qazi and Muneeb Butt, it did have some editing problems (some of the double episodes were far too lengthy for comfort), but overall, for its strong performances and important themes, always best drama by ary digital which watched people daily.

5) Khamoshi (HUM)

Khamoshi (HUM)

Khamoshi is one Pakistani Top Dramas List For 2019-18 drama serial by Hum TV and you know better that Hum tv Channel dramas well-known due to their quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment industry.

Momina Duraid Productions Presents Khamoshi on HUM TV Starring Affan Waheed, Bilal Khan, Iqra Aziz, Zara Noor Abbas, Syed Mohsin Raza Gilani, Tauqeer Nasir, Zehra Shah, Sajida Syed, Maryam Mirza, Fazal, Rashida Tabassum, Azra Mansoor, Saife Hasan, Nida Mumtaz.

Pakistani Top Dramas List For 2019-18 Khamoshi drama hum revolves surrounding two sisters, Zara Noor Abbas and Iqra Aziz, who are different from each other. In khamoshi drama Zara Noor showing simple and good girl where other side younger sister, Iqra Aziz is greedy and miser, Who is also jealous from Zara Noor elder sister.

6) Aangan Ary Digital

Aangan Ary Digital

Aangan Written by Faiza Iftikhar and direct by Qasim Mureed, One of the best drama this drama is about a loud, squabbling Punjabi family who living together and fighting together. While the main plot is typical, the dialogues are extremely powerful and high-paced.

The banter is funny and intelligent and by way of humour touches upon various serious themes. The cast are includes Mansha Pasha, Samina Ahmed, Qavi Khan, Paras Masroor, Uzma Hassan, Noorul Hassan, Hassan Ahmed, Iffat Umer, Zainab Qayyum and Waseem Abbas The most trending drama always aangan mostly wataching from all over world.

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