Top Pakistani Dramas List 2020

Top Pakistani Dramas List 2020-2021 Updated

So finally here we come with top Pakistani dramas list 2020-2021 and providing all details of trending Pakistani dramas. Pakistani dramas are watching widely all over the world, so that’s why we created list of Pakistani blockbuster dramas list.

Pakistani drama industry is booming everywhere and audience is increasing day by day because of realistic stories of the dramas which attract more audience to watch with your friends and family. Some of amazing dramas are aired on these days on different channels but here we short listed top best trending dramas list for 2020.

The good thing is that in all Pakistani dramas are based on reality which gives good message to all audience. Check the below list for more

1. Mere Paas Tum Ho

mere pas tum ho

Mere pass tum ho also include in top Pakistani dramas list and recently this drama broke all the records of all Pakistani famous dramas. The story of the drama is written by khalil-ur-Rehman and directed by Nadeem Baig. Basically the theme of the drama is about rich composition of emotions, so here defining the relationship of husband and their wife. Views of the drama are increasing day by day which is still growing.

Mere pass tum ho is broadcasted on Ary Digitial. Characters of the drama gained amazing popularity and discussed the drama on social platforms and other platforms.


  • Ayeza Khan
  • Humayun Saeed
  • Hira Mani
  • Savera Nadeem
  • Adnan Siddqui
  • Anoushay Abbasi
  • Shamim and many more.

We recommend to all of you go and watch it on YouTube one of the best drama in Top Pakistani Dramas List 2020-2021.

2. Alif


Alif drama is also incude in the list best Pakistani dramas of all time. Basically alif drama started from 5 October 2019 and ended on 14 March 2020 with total 24 episodes. The director of the drama, serial is Hasseb Hassan and writer of the script is Umer Ahmed. Alif is popular because of Umer Ahmed novel  and another reason is that the Hamza Ali Abbasi come back after a long break.

The performance of Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal is very popular and audience continuously like drama and still drama views growing. One of the best Pakistani drama in 2020.


  • Hamza Ali
  • Sajal
  • Kubra Khan
  • Ahsan Khan
  • Salman Saeed
  • Usman Khalid and many more.

3. Ehd-e-Wafa

ehd e wafa

Ehd-e-wafa is another one of the best drama and it also include in the list of top Pakistani dramas 2020. Basically the story of the drama is about journey of four friends and this drama is sponsored by ISPR.

The main theme of the drama is how these friends come from different life styles families and work hard. Writer of the drama is Mustafa Afridi and director Saif Hassan.


  • Ahad Raza Mir
  • Zara Noor Abbas
  • Ahmad Ali
  • Wahaj Ali and many more.

The drama serial is broadcasted on Hum TV and Ptv Home you can also watch it on youtube.

4. Ye Dil Mera

ye dil mera

Ye dil mera is one of the best drama in Pakistan which broadcasted on Hum TV and it also include top 5 dramas list. The essential roles by Ahad Raza and Sajal Ali. Script written by Farhad Ishtiaq and director name is Ahsan Talish.

Here Ahad Mir plays Amaan role which run his own business and Sajal Ali plays Nor-ul-Ain role in the drama who struggle sleeping due to some past reasons. Adnan Siddiqui is performing the role Agha Jan who is Sajal Ali protective dad. For further more watch drama on YouTube.


  • Ahad Raza Mir
  • Sajqal Ali
  • Mira Sethi
  • Zarnish Khan
  • Adnan Siddiqui
  • Naima Khan
  • Rabia Butt and many more.

5. Yaariyan


Yaariyan drama is also include in the list of best Pakistani dramas. The story of the drama is all about two sisters who are different from each other. Yaariyan was all time blockbuster drama which broadcasted on Geo TV and it also broke all previous records.

Writer of drama is Samina Ijaz and directed by Wajahat Hussain. Ayeza Khan played negative role in yaariyan. Here is short message appreciate all dramas  because every team of the drama is working hard so sepicails thanks to all directors, producers and writers who explored different geners and doing something new for the viewers


  • Junaid Khan
  • Muneeb Butt
  • Mehmood Aslam
  • Ayeeza Khan
  • Moomal Sheikh and many more.

6. Daasi


Daasi is most popular drama and also include in the list of top Hum TV dramas list and the key roles play by Mawra Hocane, Adeel Hussain and Faryal Mehmood. Daasi directed by Mohsin Talat and written by Misbah Nausheen.

Basically story of daasi is about young girl and successful businessman who struggle to maintain their relationship.


  • Mawra Hocane
  • Adeel Husain
  • Faryal Mehmood

7. Do Bol

do bol

Do Bol is also one of the best Pakistani drama which produced in two largest production companies in the country. These production companies give us some more popular dramas in this year in top Pakistani dramas list 2020-2021.

Do Bol public interest is amazing the reason is that a great story of the drama and viewers of drama is increasing day by day. Story of the drama is about journey of two main characters which played by Hira Mani and Affan Wahid.

They married each other accidently they really not want because it happens due to misunderstanding and drama is hit in over all Pakistan. Characters of the drama gained huge popularity. Writter of the drama is Sarvat Nazir and directed by Wajahat Rauf.


  • Hira Mani
  • Affan Wahid
  • Haroon Shahid
  • Anam Tanveer
  • Mehmood Aslam and many more.

8. Khas


Khas is one of the best famous Hum TV drama and instant hit in all over Pakistan. When drama started people criticized them but after some time people started to like his because the real twist of the drama start after few weeks. Writer of the drama is Sarvat Nazar and directed by Danish Nawar.

The script of the drama is recorded superbly and story is amazing which available on youtube. Here we also added this drama in Top 10 Pakistani Dramas List 2020.

Main characters of the drama are Ali Rehman, Sanam Baloch and Haroon Shahid played good role in the drama.


  • Ali Rehman
  • Hira Tareen
  • Sanam Baloch
  • Haroon Shahid and many more.

9. Kaisa Hain Naseeban

9. Kaisa Hain Naseeban

The Drama story is about the general trend of arranged marriages. Main key roles of the drama by Muneeb Butt and Ramsha Khan. Drama is directed by Ahmed Batti and produced by Abdullah Seja and it is also one of the best drama of the Pakistan. First episode of the drama is started from 9 January 2019 and last episode on 3 April 2019 which have totall 26 episodes and broadcasted on Ary Digital. This drama also include in the list of Best Pakistani Dramas List 2020.


  •  Muneeb Butt
  • Wasim Abbas
  • Uzma
  • Farah Shah
  • Ramsha Khan and many more.

10. Cheekh


Cheekh drama is also include in the top Pakistani dramas list 2020. Main key roles of the drama Saba Qamar. The Story of the drama is about empowering women and Bilal Abbas play villain role in this drama.

 Cheekh drama is directed by Badar Mehmood which broadcasted on Ary Digital. Story of the touched our hearts that how to use modest concept for women. First episode of the is started from 5 January 2019 and final episode on 10 August 2019  which have total 30 episodes and the broadcasted network is Ary Digital.


  • Bilal Abbas
  • Saba Qamar
  • Emmal Irfani
  • Maira Khan
  • Ushna Shah
  • Gul-e- Rana and many more.

11. Meer Abru

Meer Abru top drama

Story of Meer Abru is outstanding and specially this drama is for those viewers who like light hearted dramas. This drama is most watched Hum TV drama till to end episode.

Meer Abru is love story, disloyalty and misunderstanding drama. In this drama Meer and Abru love each other but Abru belongs from middle class family and the other guy Meer Belongs from high class family.


  • Sanam Chaudhry
  • Noor Hassan
  • Mirza Zain Baig

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