Ufone Call Packages List Daily, Weekly and Monthly 2020

Ufone Call Packages List Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly

Ufone Call Packages List For 2020: Today we talking about ufone latest calling packages, ufone is also known as telecom mobile limited (PTML) it is a Pakistani cellular service provider and started his Operation since 2001.
So there are many ufone call packages, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly which ufone providing to his customers.
Now days call packages is also playing very important role because
With the help of these calling packages you can connect with your friends and family members.
Ufone provide different calling packages which starting from low to high rate according to your usage you can choose your offer. In this we gonna sharing all details of latest ufone call packages which are more popular in users of ufone.
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Ufone Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly List Below:

1) Ufone Hourly Call Packages

Ufone hourly packages is for those very short time because sometime people don’t want to activate long term offer so that’s why ufone bring hourly call packages for his customers check all the details below.
Ufone Uth Package1 Day*202#3Unlimited Ufone Call in 0.75/Hour
Ufone Student Offer (Only For Uth Customers)1 Hour*212#3.99 (Include Tax)Unlimited On-net Mins & Unlimited Sms and Internet
Ufone Call Packages2 Hours (Note Not Working Between 5Pm to 9Pm)*343#5 (Include Tax)Ufone To Ufone Calls & Vfone And PTCL
Ufone 24 Hours Call Package1 Day*5700#8.9986400 On-net Mins For Ufone And PTCL And Vfone
Ufone Super Call Offer1 Hour3.89/ Per Hour *45#3.89Unlimited Call To All Ufone Networks

2) Ufone Daily Call Packages

Ufone daily call packages is also for short term which using a lot of customers of ufone for connecting to friends and family members so enjoy the all ufone daily packages for more.
Ufone Daily Call Package2 Hours*343#5 (Include Tax)120 On-net Min For Next 2 Hours Not Valid 5Pm To 9Am
Ufone 24 Hours Call Offer1 Day*5700#8.9986400 On-net Mins for Ufone and Vfone & PTCL
Ufone Daily Call Offfer1 Day*888# Sub & and Unsub Code *8880#18 (Include Tax)100 On-net Mins+10 Mbs

3) Ufone Call Packages Weekly

Ufone providing amazing weekly call packages for all ufone users this bundles is for whole week.You can get ufone weekly package and connect with your friends and family for whole week Without any tension follow the bellow instructions.
Ufone Asli Offer7 Days*5050#80 (Include Tax)100 On-net Mins and 100 Sms & 1Gb Internet
Ufone Weekly Offer7 Days*8888#100 (Tax Include)700 On-net Mins & 100 Mbs
Ufone Super Minutes Offer7 DaysLoad 100 Rupees and Get 75 Off-net Mins100 75 Minutes To All Networks

4) Ufone Monthly Call Packages

Ufone monthly call packages is available for all users of ufone and here we providing all details Of monthly calling packages.
Those people who are not satisfied from the short term packages,So all these packages for those people check all the details below.
Sim Lagao Offer30 Days*5000#03000 On-net Mins Ufone To Ufone 3000 Mins+3Gbs Internet
Ufone New Sim Offer30 DaysBuy New Sim Load 50 Then Dial *1000#50 (Tax Include)500 On-net Mins and 25 Off-net Mins+1Gbs Internet
Ufone Monthly Offer 30 DaysSub Code *8888# For Unsub *8880#418 (Tax Include)4000 On-net Mins and 400 Mbs Internet
Ufone Super Card30 DaysLoad Super Card520 (Tax Include)1000 On-net Mins and 4000 Sms 150 Off-net mins & 1.2 Gbs Internet
Ufone New Sim Double Offer30 DaysBuy Ufone New Sim Dial *141# & Recharge Ufone Super Card520 (Tax Include)2000 Ufone PTCL On-net Mins & 300 Off-net Minutes and 2.4 Gbs Internet+800Sms
Ufone Super Card Plus Offer30 DaysLoad Ufone Super Card599 520 (Tax Include)1200 On-net Mins & 180 Off-net and 1200 Sms+1.2Gbs Internet

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